initialize warp
warp coil malfunction
sentient creep malform%%#
breach imminent
batton airhatch
reverse rotocoil
jettison humans
set us up the bomb
dowlink eng{#`%${%&`+'${`%&NO CARRIER

Feed Me Word Things is a game of typing in space. See how long you can survive!

The title is an allusion to a Squarepusher album. Some of the narrative is inspired by Spaceteam.


You reached level 1, survived for 10 seconds, and completed 0 words.

You typed 0 characters correctly and 0 characters incorrectly for an accuracy of 100%.

Your Mavis Beacon stats are 0 words per minute and 0 characters per minute.

Please choose your favorite word to play again:

10 FEED ME WORDS seconds until impact